Introduction to Pharmacology


The target audience for this course are health care professionals (i.e. EMTs, medical office assistants) who need to understand how drugs are prepared and delivered.

Contact Hours: 25

Course Description:

This course provides an overview of the principles and basics of pharmacology, including terminology, laws and ethics, and clinical concepts. Individuals will be presented with the basics of pharmaceutical arithmetic, including abbreviations, system conversions, and basic pharmaceutical problem solving. This course also introduces the principles of clinical application, including basic pharmacokinetics, dosage forms, and drug administration. Individuals will gain the basic knowledge and skills necessary to apply pharmacology to other disciplines of healthcare.


Course Objectives:

• Apply mathematical concepts to the practice of pharmacology and dosage calculations
• Describe the regulations and standards in pharmacology
• Present a general knowledge of basic pharmacology terminology, concepts, and abbreviations
• Understand medication administration using the appropriate route and methods for the type of medication

Course Features:

• Instructor-facilitated
• This course can be run either fully online or as a hybrid
• This course is designed as part of the Pearson Workforce Education Core Health Care Curriculum, and can be included with other occupation-specific courses
• Complete Ready-to-Deliver customizable online course with syllabi, lesson sequences and course descriptions
• Content is written to meet specific curriculum and course outcomes and every piece of content is mapped to specific objectives
• Plays in any Learning Management System (BlackBoard, WebCT, Angel, Moodle, D2L, etc.)
• Interactive classroom lectures are self-contained learning objects
• Includes instructor resources, optional assignments and assessments, and optional book readings, all tied to course objectives
• All content has been developed and created by industry leading subject matter experts and instructional designers

eBook Information

A text in pharmacology that finally meets an allied health student’s needs. The focused teach-and-test approach of this textbook provides allied health students with the perfect blend of concise content and an enjoyable—even fun—learning process. A focused approach to learning pharmacology, the introductory chapters lay the groundwork for learning this subject by explaining the history of pharmacology, discussing the legal and ethical principles involved, illustrating drug administration techniques, reviewing math, and explaining drug calculations. Using a five-heading approach to focused pharmacologic principles, each drug chapter focuses on drugs used to treat a certain body system or disease type. The chapters open with a concise review of anatomy and physiology to provide students with a foundation from which to understand the pharmacologic principles actions, effects, and uses of the drugs that treat a body system or disorder. The pharmacologic principles are succinctly explained by using clearly identifiable headings in question format that helps focus students’ attention on the most important points about a drug class or an individual drug:

• How do they work?
• How are they used?
• What are the adverse effects?
• What are the contraindications and interactions?
• What are the most important points patients should know?
Whichever approach is taken in the chapter, the five question headings are used so students can easily focus on the key “need-to-know” drug information.

Chapter Titles:

Unit I General Principles

1 Introduction to Pharmacology
2 Law and Ethics of Medications
3 Dispensing Prescription, Terminology, and Abbreviations
4 Administration of Medications

Unit II Mathematics and Dosage Calculations

5 Basic Mathematics
6 Measurement Systems and Their Equivalents
7 Calculation of Dosages

Unit III Drug Effects on Multiple Systems

8 Nutritional Aspects of Pharmacology
9 Antibacterial and Antiviral Agents
10 Antifungal, Antimalarial, and Antiprotozoal Agents
11 Vaccines and Immune Globulins
12 Analgesic, Antipyretic, and Anti-Inflammatory Agents
13 Antineoplastic Agents

Unit IV The Effect of Drugs on Specific Systems

14 Effects of Drugs on the Central Nervous System 15 Effects of Drugs on the Autonomic Nervous System
16 Anesthetic Agents
17 Effects of Drugs on Skin Conditions
18 Effects of Drugs on the Cardiovascular System
19 Effects of Drugs on the Vascular System
20 Anticoagulants
21 Effects of Drugs on Urinary Tract Disorders and Electrolyte Balance
22 Effects of Drugs on the Endocrine System
23 Effects of Drugs on Reproductive System Disorders
24 Effects of Drugs on Gastrointestinal Disorders
25 Effects of Drugs on Respiratory Disorders
26 Effects of Drugs on Musculoskeletal Disorders
27 Effects of Drugs on Eye, Nose, and Ear Disorders
28 Toxicology
29 Geriatrics
30 Pediatrics

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