Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology


The target audience for this course includes students who are exploring entry into the allied health field or who need a refresher in anatomy and physiology concepts in preparation for more in-depth study in related areas, such as ICD-10.

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description:

This course provides an overview of common terminology and presents the major anatomical structures of the human body systems. It also explores basic physiological processes of each system, discussing how body systems work together. Finally, the course explores how each system participates in homeostasis of the body. Body systems include the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, male and female reproductive, digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, and urinary systems.


Course Objectives:

• Describe the organization of the human body
• Identify the structures and functions of the organelles of a typical human cell
• Identify the major anatomical structures and their purposes of each body system
• Describe the organization and major functions of the nervous system
• Explain basic physiological processes in each of the body systems
• Explain the contribution that each body system makes to homeostasis of the body

Course Features:

• Instructor-facilitated
• This course can be run either fully online or as a hybrid
• This course is designed as part of the Pearson Workforce Education Core Health Care Curriculum, and can be included with other occupation-specific courses
• Complete Ready-to-Deliver customizable online course with syllabi, lesson sequences and course descriptions
• Content is written to meet specific curriculum and course outcomes and every piece of content is mapped to specific objectives
• Plays in any Learning Management System (BlackBoard, WebCT, Angel, Moodle, D2L, etc.)
• Interactive classroom lectures are self-contained learning objects
• Includes instructor resources, optional assignments and assessments, and optional book readings, all tied to course objectives
• All content has been developed and created by industry leading subject matter experts and instructional designers

eBook Information

Pearson’s Comprehensive Medical Assisting 2e is a comprehensive textbook including Administrative, Clinical and Anatomy and Physiology, which helps students learn the right skills for becoming the best and most effective Medical Assistant through a step by step competency based approach that covers virtually all facets of the medical assisting profession. It makes the connection between skills and the whole profession. It also focuses on people and the medical assistants role in this "people helping people" profession. Pearson's hallmark, perfect balance between skills, professionalism and caring for patients means success for the medical assisting student using PCMA2e.

Chapter Titles:

UNIT ONE: Introduction to Health Care

1 Medical Assisting: The Profession
2 Medical Science: History and Practice
3 Medical Law and Ethics
4 Medical Terminology
5 Communication: Verbal and Nonverbal
6 The Office Environment
7 Telephone Techniques

UNIT TWO: Administrative Medical Assisting

8 Patient Reception
9 Appointment Scheduling
10 Office Facilities, Equipment, and Supplies
11 Written Communication
12 Computers in the Medical Office
13 Managing Medical Records
14 Electronic Medical Records
15 Fees, Billing, Collections, and Credit
16 Financial Management
17 Medical Insurance
18 Medical Insurance Claims
19 Medical Coding
20 Medical Office Management

UNIT THREE: Anatomy and Physiology

21 Body Structure and Function
22 The Integumentary System
23 The Skeletal System
24 The Muscular System
25 The Nervous System
26 The Special Senses
27 The Circulatory System
28 The Immune System
29 The Respiratory System

30 The Digestive System
31 The Urinary System
32 The Endocrine System
33 The Reproductive System

UNIT FOUR: Clinical Medical Assisting

34 Infection Control
35 Vital Signs
36 Assisting with Physical Examinations
37 Assisting with Medical Specialties
38 Assisting with Reproductive and Urinary Specialties
39 Assisting with Eye and Ear Care
40 Assisting with Life Span Specialties: Pediatrics
41 Assisting with Life Span Specialties: Geriatrics
42 Assisting with Minor Surgery
43 Assisting with Medical Emergencies and Emergency Preparedness
44 The Clinical Laboratory
45 Microbiology
46 Urinalysis
47 Hematology
48 Radiology
49 Electrocardiography
50 Pulmonary Function
51 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
52 Math for Pharmacology
53 Pharmacology
54 Administering Medications
55 Patient Education
56 Nutrition
57 Mental Health

UNIT FIVE: Career Assistance

58 Professionalism

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