Cultural Competence for Health Care Providers


This course is designed for students preparing for health care jobs and incumbent health care providers who want to strengthen their ability to effectively interact with diverse groups of people.

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description:

This course shows students how to develop and strengthen their ability to effectively interact with diverse groups of people. Students will gain an understanding of how individuals and systems provide quality care to patients with diverse values, beliefs and behaviors. They will also learn how to tailor health care delivery to meet patients’ social, cultural, and linguistic needs. In addition, students will become aware of their own cultural influences and how they may affect perceptions, diagnoses and interactions with patients and colleagues. Finally, students will learn how cultural competence serves both as a vehicle to increase access to quality care for all patient populations and as a business strategy to attract new patients and market share.


Course Objectives:

• Analyze concepts related to diversity and cultural competence
• Apply strategies for working with patients on an individual level, while honoring various cultural norms.
• Analyze effects of power within the health care setting
• Determine ways to adapt to cultural contexts based on analysis of the cultural competency scale
• Use intentional strategies to disrupt the cycle of oppression
• Continually seek opportunities to learn about cultural norms that stretch one’s own parameters.

Course Features:

• The Cultural Competence for Health Care Providers course includes 24 non-credit contact hours.
• This course is instructor-facilitated.
• This course does not lead to certification.
• This course can be run fully online or in hybrid format.
• The Cultural Competence for Health Care Providers course is designed as part of the Pearson Workforce Education Core Health Care Curriculum, and can be included with other occupation-specific courses in conjunction with multiple certification programs.
• This course is not a CEU.
• This course is appropriate for entry-level students or incumbent workers.
• This course is a complete, ready-to-deliver, customizable online course, including syllabi, lesson sequences and course objective descriptions.
• The Cultural Competence for Health Care Providers course content is written to meet specific curriculum and course outcomes and every content item is mapped to a specific course objective.
• This course can be used in any Learning Management System (Blackboard, WebCT, Angel, Moodle, D2L, etc.).
• Interactive classroom lectures are self-contained learning objects.
• The Cultural Competence for Health Care Providers course includes instructor resources, optional assignments and assessments, and optional book readings, all aligned with course objectives.
• All content has been developed and created by industry leading subject matter experts and instructional designers.

eBook Information

For courses in Success/Orientation, Diversity, Race and Ethnic Relations, Cultural Diversity in the Workplace, Education, Nursing, Human Relations, Sociology, Hospitality, Social Work/Family Therapy/Human Services, EMS and Fire Science, Counseling, and Criminal Justice; also for teacher-training education courses, and staff/professional development workshops.

In this work on human diversity, Bucher seamlessly integrates personal and organizational perspectives, research, and theories while discussing teamwork, communication, leadership, conflict and other issues in a diverse organizations. This allows the learner to personalize the learning experience and develop awareness and understanding of diversity within as well as between groups. By engaging the reader on both a cognitive and affective level, Diversity Consciousness takes students on a journey of learning. Igniting student’s curiosity and questions about the nature and relevance of diversity, this book does not allow for passive learning. Bucher makes it clear that developing diversity consciousness is a lifelong, incremental process that requires an ongoing commitment of learning. While people of all backgrounds are apt to encounter potential barriers to their success when they communicate, work in teams, lead, and manage conflict in diverse settings, this book offers tools to recognize, understand and deal effectively with these barriers and turn diversity into an asset. We encourage you to visit this Blog on the subject of diversity consciousness/cultural intelligence at The author driven Blog is for faculty and educators who want to learn more about diversity and how it impacts their institutions, their communities, and their teaching.

Chapter Titles:

1. Diversity– An Overview.
2. Diversity Consciousness and Success.
3. Personal and Social Barriers to Success.
4. Developing Diversity Consciousness.
5. Communicating in a Diverse World.
6. Teamwork.
7. Leadership.
8. Conclusion

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