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ITIL® (formally known as Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the most widely acknowledged approach to IT service management worldwide?  The Foundation Level is the entry level qualification in Information Technology Infrastructure Library which offers candidates a general awareness of the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL® Service Lifecycle.

Why ITIL® Foundation?

ITIL® foundation helps an individual to gain a general synopsis, and fundamental knowledge and understanding of ITIL®.   Also, Successful completion of the Foundation qualification also helps you accomplish the prerequisite entry criteria for the next level of study within the ITIL® qualifications format, i.e the Intermediate level.

ITIL® Foundation Certification benefits:

  • Since it’s the most widely accepted approach to IT service management worldwide, it gives you a global recognition.
  • Fulfills the prerequisite criteria for the next level of the study.
  • Improves one’s efficiency by automating standard tasks and applying principles to work.
  • Improves communication and helps you understand the use of common terminology.
  • Improves user and customer satisfaction with IT.


There are no pre-requisites for the foundation examination. The ITIL® qualification is open to any individuals who may have an interest in the subject. Professionals who are looking to gain basic understanding of the subject and want to use ITIL® to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization can opt for this course.

Course Curriculum Overview

Chapter - 1

Introduction to Service Management

Chapter - 2

Service Strategy

Chapter - 3

Service Design

Chapter - 4

Service Transition

Chapter - 5

Service Operations

Chapter - 6

Continual Service Improvement

Chapter - 7

Technology and Architecture

Chapter - 8

Summary and Exam Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ITIL®?

ITIL® Foundation is suitable for individuals who require a basic understanding of the ITIL® framework and how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization. The ITIL® Foundation Certification also applies to IT professionals who work within an organization that has adopted ITIL® and so need to be aware of and contribute to the overall service improvement programme.

Do I have to acquire training for ITIL® examinations; Can I take the classes remotely?

No, it isn’t essential, however it is strongly recommended. One can acquire training available from the network of Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) who are assessed and certified by  PEOPLECERT . Yes it is possible to take the classes remotely, Some accredited training providers like way2career offer virtual classrooms and e-learning.

How do I sit for the exams, what is the duration of the exam?

Majority of ITIL® ATOs include the examinations as part of the associated training course. Exam times vary depending on the level. The Foundation level exam time is 60 minutes and  the Intermediate level time is 90 minutes.

Are there any pre-requisites for the ITIL® Foundation examinations?

There are no pre-requisites for the foundation examination. Successful completion of the Foundation qualification also helps you accomplish the prerequisite entry criteria for the next level of study within the ITIL® qualifications format, i.e the Intermediate level.

What are the main publications for ITIL®?

There is a variety of study material available. For further information, you can visit ITIL® Official Site.

When do I receive my certificate and pin?

Your respective examination center provides you with the receipt of your certificate and pin. If you have taken a web proctored exam, your certificate and pin will be sent to you shortly after your official results are issued.

How long is the ITIL® qualification valid for?

ITIL® qualifications not valid for a defined period and does not expire.

What are the different languages that ITIL® examinations available in?

ITIL® examinations are available in various languages. You can check the details on: www.itil

Are the exam questions multiple choice/essay or both?

All the exam questions are multiple choices.

Why did ITIL 2007® change to ITIL® 2011?

ITIL® 2011 is an update, not a new version. The updates to the publications are designed to Resolve any errors or inconsistencies in the text and diagrams, both in content and presentation. For further details, please check the FAQs. (Link it with the FAQ page).

I have already trained/ am currently training in order to take the ITIL® 2007 exam. Does this mean I have to get more / different training in order to take the new ITIL® exam?

As of Jan. 2, 2012 the ITIL® exams in English are compatible with the updated syllabus and exams in other languages will follow gradually. For current information regarding the release of ITIL® exams in other languages please contact your training provider. Candidates sitting an ITIL® exam in 2013 must take into account any reorganization made between chapters and confirm with their training organization that training has been based on the updated syllabus for the ITIL® module they will be examined on. Please note that the publication that has undergone the most amount of change compared to the o.

Since the “ITIL® 2007 Qualification Scheme” is now changed to “ITIL® Qualification Scheme”, does this mean that 2007 certificates will no longer be valid? Do I need to replace my certificate?

Because the basic principles of ITIL® are intact, ITIL® qualifications remain relevant for any prior and current released versions and all ITIL® certificates will continue to be valid. There is no need to replace any previous certificates.

Does the updated ITIL® qualification path have the same credits for each level or do I need to recalculate credits needed for each level?

The ITIL® qualification path remains the same with the ITIL® V3 one. The credits or certificates earned from earlier versions can be used towards ITIL® Expert, with the exception of the ITIL® V2 Foundation certificate which no longer holds any credit value unless the candidate also holds the V2 Foundation Bridge certificate.

Do I need to be re-certified to change from ITIL® 2007 to the updated ITIL®? Will I have to take a bridge exam for the update?

Anyone holding an existing ITIL® certification will not need to become re-certified. Certificates from earlier ITIL® versions (V1 or V2) will remain valid indefinitely. The only exception is that the ITIL® V2 Foundation certificate will no longer hold any credit value, unless the candidate also holds the V2 Foundation Bridge certificate. There will not be any bridge exams.

Which of the ITIL® qualifications has changed the most?

The Service Strategy (SS) publication has undergone the highest amount of change compared to the other four publications. The concepts themselves are basically the same but are now enhanced with more examples and have been reorganized to some degree. However, the corresponding syllabus still focuses on the key principles of the SS lifecycle stage.

What is the application process for ITIL® Expert status?

In order to reach the ITIL® Expert Level, candidates need to achieve the pre-requisite number of associated credits which is 22 Candidates must ensure that 2 of these credits are achieved at ITIL® foundation level and 5 are from the MALC qualification. The only exception to this pre-requisite is those students who are eligible for the ITIL® Service Managers Bridge route.

What is the eligibility to proceed to the ITIL® Master status?

To be eligible for the ITIL® Master Qualification, the top level of the ITIL® Scheme, you must:

• Have achieved the ITIL® Expert Certificate in IT Service Management.

• Have worked in IT service management for at least five years in leadership, managerial, or higher/senior management advisory roles.

What if I miss a class?

All classes are recorded automatically. You can access class recordings in your way2career account as many times as you want. You have access to these recordings for lifetime.

Do these online courses include hands-on-training?

The instructor will provide regular hands-on practice assignments for gaining practical exposure. Instructor will give assignments & you will be gain hands-on-experience as you will be working on data sets frequently.

Will I be working on a project?

Yes, towards the end of the course you will be given real time project on some business problems. During the course also, you will be given assignments.

Will I be getting a certificate after the completion of the course?

Yes, way2career awards you with a course completion certificate after your successful completion of the course, with performance based grading.

Is it possible to get in touch with the instructor for any query?

You can get in touch with the instructor/s using your way2career login id. You can ask a query by over the chat, or you can drop in a mail.

Can I switch the batches if I have any inconvenience?

Yes, you can surely switch your batches with a prior notice. Just inform us about the same and we will do the needful for you.

What kind of learning does way2career provide?

At way2career, we offer instructor-led online live sessions for various courses to the learners.

Who are the instructors at way2career ?

At way2carrer, we have hired the best industry professionals who are working in leading organizations and are veterans in their respective fields. We make sure we provide you with the bests of our capabilities.

How do you conduct the classes at way2career ?

The classes at way2career are conducted through online video streaming where we allow two-way communication between a student and the trainer. The users can communicate via microphone or through chat windows. They can even share their screens with the instructors.

What is the difference between pre-recorded video session and instructor-led online live sessions?

Pre-recorded sessions are the ones in which there is one-way flow between the instructors and the learners where the learners can watch and listen to the session, but cannot communicate with the instructor or ask anye queries. In a pre-recorded session there are no projects, assignments, quizzes or course-related materials shared in these sessions where else in an Instructor-led online live sessions there is a two-way communication between the learners and instructors where the instructosr can easily engage, observe & track your learning progress.

Can I take my course irrespective of my location?

Yes, you can take the course sessions irrespective of your location. Please make sure you adhere to the course perquisites.

How do I make the payment?

You can pay through Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking from all the leading banks. Or you can contact our Service Support Team to assist you in case you face any issues.

What is the refund policy at way2career ?

At way2carrer, we are dedicated to provide maximum satisfaction to our learners/users. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for full refund within 7 days from the start date of the course.

What internet speed is required to attend the online live sessions?

1Mbps of internet speed is recommended to attend the online live sessions. However, learners can take sessions with lower internet speed also.

Do you also provide any course material?

In addition to the class videos in uploadable format, we also provide the PPTs, PDFs, and other materials related to the topics in the downloadable form.

How long do I have access to course material?

At way2career, once you register with us for a particular course, you get Lifetime Access to the course materials.

Do you provide any Certification? If yes, what is the Certification process?

Towards the end of the course, the instructor will allot you a real-time project to help you have a clear understanding of how to conceptualize and implement the real-world application. The Trainer will provide you with constant support and assistance in completing the project assignment. On successful completion of the assignment, it will be reviewed by the instructor and you will be awarded a certificate with performance-based grading.

What if I have doubts/queries before or after the session?

If you have any doubts after the session is over, you can always email the instructors. We assure you that the instructor will respond back to your query on immediate basis.

What if I miss a session of a course?

In case you miss any session. After each session, users will be able to access the recorded session on the user page. You just need to log in with your respective username and access the missed session. Also you can get in touch with our support team and join the next available batch.

What if I require extra assistance?

If you require extra assistance, our 24x7 Service Support Team is always there to help you.

What if I have more concerns?

Email us on:

What is the payment mode?

Following mode of payment is possible 

  1. DD or Cheque in the favor of W2C
  2. RTGS/NEFT/IMPS/Fund Transfer
    • Account Name: - Way2Career Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
    • Account No: - 03942560002139
    • IFSC Code: - HDFC0002649
  3. Using Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking Click Here

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